Offically, of course, today is the last day of the posting period. I know many writers, me included, have been delayed by real life, injuries, con plague (*cough, hack*), and other issues. That's totally fine.

Late tonight or tomorrow morning, I'll post a message officially closing the posting period and throwing all prompts open to anyone who's interested in writing them. We still definitely want to see your stories when they're finished -- post anything and everything here so we can all enjoy it.
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I wrote 200 whole words on (one of) my stories last night!

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I've had my 2nd story open on my desktop all week and I manage a paragraph here and there before I've crawled under a blanket on the sofa and pass out for hours at a time. Stupid plague.....
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I've opened mine a few times, but I've been getting home from work so late and so wiped I haven't managed anything but writing and erasing a few first sentences :-/. (On the plus side, at this rate I might have enough hours in by Friday to take a comp day...)
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thank you! I wish I could have met the hard deadline. but I will get my stories in!
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Real life's beaten my rear end, as well as absolutely shot focus. I have about three chapters done for LJC's prompt, but don't really want to post an unfinished story. And no clue when it'll be done.

Regardless, if she wants those three chapters, I'll send 'em. But there's only conflict so far; no resolutions.
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Take however long you need for the story to be finished! I'm not exactly batting 1000 when it comes to deadlines at the moment either, so I won't lob any stones living as I am in a glass house...