And we're off! We ended up with 111 prompts, which makes me go WOW and also Eeeeeee.

To claim a prompt or prompts, leave a comment specifying the number of the prompt you're claiming.

Prompts are listed by book title or short story title or series title, depending. I encourage you to look at the whole list, since some authors have slightly complicated universes (Diane Duane, I am looking at you). The last line of the prompt specified the universe. "Original" means the original canon; "Reboot" means the new movie canon; "Original or Reboot" means you can write in either canon.

Reminders: A prompt can be claimed by multiple people, but we think it would be nice if authors made an effort to choose a prompt that hasn’t been claimed by several people. We also encourage authors to limit themselves to two prompts. There is no minimum or maximum word count. Posting runs from August 10-24.

Please let us know if I've missed anything or made any mistakes, or if you have any questions.

  1. Assignment: Eternity/The Eugenics Wars
    Gary Seven, Roberta Lincoln, and Isis.
    Further adventures of Gary Seven, Roberta Lincoln, and Isis.

  2. Battlestations!
    Sarda & Perren
    Mentorship, before the book starts.

  3. Best Destiny
    Kirk & April
    Captain April played such an important role in George Sr's career and in Jim's revelations about Starfleet; I wonder how he might be involved with the Kirk family without George there. Bonus points for reference to George/Drake.

  4. Best Destiny ([personal profile] templemarker)
    Because I am shameless, George/Drake ftw 4ever. Winona and George agree that their marriage is better from a distance, and when George is off-planet on a mission, he's with his partner, his best man, Lt Francis Drake Reed. Can be pre-Best Destiny or post.

  5. Best Destiny
    Any story in which Best Destiny!Kirk gets to meet Reboot!Kirk, or they switch universes, or they find out about each other, or something like that. I just want them to learn that a screwed-up kid is a screwed-up kid in any universe.

  6. Crisis on Centaurus
    Garrovick Valley - Kirk has this cabin. McCoy learns about it first - after having spent seven months with Jim as his pet patient - and he's Kirk's first guest there. Alternatively, he invites Spock there at the end of the book and Spock mentions that he thinks he will like the river. Or have him bring someone else there! For whatever reason! I just want cabin!shenanigans.

  7. Crossroad
    Lao Zhiming & Chris Chapel
    What does Chris Chapel do afterwards? Or tell a story about Lao Zhiming and how he became a fantabulous Starfleet commander in his own right.

  8. Crossroad
    The Yoondri
    What happens in the future after McKennon goes back with the Yoon elders, who are so much more talented and determined than she thinks? Or tell a story about Iriane, that fierce Yoondri warrior and her work with the Shadow Fleet.

  9. Crossroad
    Dreams of the future - I want Spock, near the end of his life, to begin to realize what happened on the Enterprise when they were near the Crossroads Nebula, and remember what he learned about the future. What does he do with that knowledge?

  10. Crossroad
    Varos and Karetha
    Varos and Karetha join the Shadow Fleet. And it would be awesome if you worked the Yoons in, however briefly.

  11. Crucible: McCoy (Provenance of Shadows)
    The book tells us how cute, adorable, and happy they were before the story started. Write something *not at all* angsty about the two of them being happy together - either pre-Guardian of Forever, or sometime during the story proper.

  12. Crucible: McCoy (Provenance of Shadows)
    McCoy/Edith Keeler
    Pairing speaks for itself. (Um, note, I'm only 1/4 through the book as of right now -- if something happens later that would negate this prompt (or the one above), feel free to run with it, or go AU or whatever.)

  13. Dark Mirror
    Backstory - Just about any look at Mirror!Picard would be totally and utterly made of awesome(and Earl Gray).

  14. Dark Mirror
    Empires - Picard from our universe leaves Mirror!Worf with the understanding that the Imperial Star Empire (or whatever it's called) has a limited lifespan, and the Klingons might have a chance to free themselves. What does Worf do with this information?

  15. Death's Angel
    Sarek & Kahru
    Does anyone else remember this Bantam-era novel with as much fondness as I do? Lots of entertaining ambassadors (particularly the supersized blue crocodile), interesting locked-room murders, and a more-serious-than-usual romance for Jim Kirk. The prompt, however, is this: we're told that Sarek & Ambassador Karhu (essentially, a giant sentient koala bear who absolutely hates being told how cute he is) are great friends of long standing. I want to know how they got that way. Bonus points for reasoned discussion of the differences between Karhu's people and Vulcan sehlats....

  16. Death Count
    Sulu & Uhura
    Lizards - The adventure's over, but Chekov's still in the lockup. What happens next?

  17. Diane Duane novels ([personal profile] katharos)
    Harb & Moira
    Getting there is half the fun - I want to see Harb and Moira in the AOS 'verse. (Bonus points for added Guinan.) What road would lead Harb and Moira to this Enterprise? Who would they meet upon that road? Does the post-Kelvin Starfleet even have Rec Officers on starships? And how would AOS McCoy react to Harb being assigned to the ship, with his sentient AI in tow?

  18. Doctor's Orders ([personal profile] acroamatica)
    Doctor's Orders, Uhura, chatting with the Ornae and having some communication difficulties with words that Standard has that Ornae doesn't, and vice versa.

  19. Doctor's Orders
    Remember that time McCoy stole Dieter's cadaver? Yeah, write that story! TOS-verse, or if you're feeling extra cracky, reboot it and get nu!Kirk and Gaila in on the hijinx.
    Original or Reboot

  20. Doctor's Orders
    McCoy & Kaiev
    McCoy gives Kaiev that physical he promised him. I'm thinking gen/humor, but you could also go the slashy route ...

  21. Dreadnought! ([personal profile] yahtzee)
    He's Spock and she's the female version of James T. Kirk. They are MFEO.

  22. The Empty Chair ([profile] cofax)
    Ael & her niece & Arrhae
    I'd like to see a story in which Ael's niece gets a name, and in which she comes back from wherever she's been and tries to settle back into Rihannsu society with her aunt as Empress. Also, Arrhae would be there, which would lead to some interesting conversations, I suspect.

  23. Enterprise: The First Adventure
    Janice Rand
    ...and then what happened to Janice Rand? Alternate: what happened to Janice Rand in the reboot 'verse?
    Original or Reboot

  24. Enterprise: The First Adventure
    Whatever happened to Stephen after the events of the book?

  25. The Entropy Effect
    Malandra Flynn
    Backstory - I just want more about Malandra Flynn and how she managed the jump from enlisted to officer with such a background.

  26. The Entropy Effect ([personal profile] mithen)
    Jenniver, Snarl, & Neon
    I'd love a friendship fic for these nonhuman characters, preferably set after the novel when Jenniver has the botany assignment she so wanted.

  27. The Entropy Effect
    Group marriage - So, in The Entropy Effect, Kirk's ex-girlfriend - the awesome Captain Hunter - is part of a group marriage involving several men and women. She was part of this marriage at the time they were dating, and her group proposed to Kirk on several occasions at which time he turned them down because he was unready for commitment. An act that Kirk says in the novel that he deeply regrets. Oh, if only they would propose to him again! Clearly the group marriage variety of poly is appealing to Kirk. Interesting. Anything involving Kirk, group marriage and Reboot, please. Gen, het, slash or some combination of the above! And any appearance by Captain Hunter and Co. would be cool too.

  28. Final Frontier ([personal profile] templemarker)
    I'd love a George/Drake story that doesn't wipe aside Winona Kirk, but acknowledges that sometimes relationships are broken beyond fixing. Bonus points for Drake being awesome, both funny and irritatingly perceptive.

  29. Final Frontier and Best Destiny
    Robert April & Sarah Poole
    Okay, so... we've got Enterprise now launching in 2258, instead of the events of Final Frontier. What I want to know is, how did Robert April meet Sarah Poole in the reboot 'verse. Did they still serve together? Get married? Where were they, when the Kelvin was attacked? Did they even know George and Winona Kirk? Were they a part of Sammy and Jimmy's lives at all?

  30. The Final Reflection
    Write a story that re-tells canon (or reboot) only with the Klingons from Final Reflection. (If it also has Rihannsu in it, that would be utter joy.)
    Original or Reboot

  31. How Much for Just the Planet?
    Charlotte 'Caliente' Sanchez
    What's Charlie Sanchez' story in the reboot 'verse? Do she and Jim still have a past together? Did she have a Starfleet career, before she became am ambassador, or did she always go straight into the diplomatic corps? What is the full Infamous Ice-Cream Soda story, and does it have a reboot-verse corollary?

  32. How Much for Just the Planet?
    Film buff - How did Proke develop a taste for Federation film, anyway? Did his encyclopedic knowledge of Hitchcock ever get him in trouble? Did it ever let him save the day?

  33. How Much for Just the Planet? ([personal profile] grey_bard)
    Write another meta chapter, like the "Dilithium and You!" section.

  34. How Much for Just the Planet?
    Logic fails - I have to know more about T'Vau. Why on earth would Sarek and Amanda let Spock socialize with such an oddball? Also, she'd be what, the 2nd Vulcan ever in Starfleet? Possibly the first female Vulcan? What led her in this direction? Did she and Spock meet on Vulcan or on Earth or what? Basically, even a drabble about T'Vau would make me happy to an illogical degree.

  35. The IDIC Epidemic
    T'Pina/Beau Deaver
    Still struggling with the revelation about her heritage, T'Pina also has to handle her developing feelings for Beau (who is a total hotass).

  36. Ishmael
    If wanting more Amnesia-Spock-as-Matchmaker is wrong, I don't want to be right.

  37. Ishmael
    The Klingons
    Incognito - The comic adventures of a couple of Klingons trying to sneak around the Frontier-Era West Coast looking for Aaron Stemple.

  38. Ishmael
    Oh, like you never thought about it.

  39. Ishmael
    Aaron, Spock, Biddy
    An AU (either TOS or Reboot) where they're later in rescuing Spock, and he's gone thoroughly native.
    Original or Reboot

  40. Ishmael
    Spock, Amanda
    Family history - Some time after Ishmael Spock shares his time on Earth with Amanda. Up to you whether to include Sarek or not!

  41. Killing Time
    Alternate Jim Kirk/Alternate Jerry Richardson
    AKA Romeo & Juliet. Throwing this out there because I am just that shameless. Bonus points if you work K/S in there, too. I should add, if you'd like a specific prompt -- maybe a third timeline?

  42. Killing Time
    Killing Time with the reboot versions, especially if the change happens early enough in Kirk and Spock's friendship/relationship (whatever works ^^) that Kirk and Spock are still slightly uncomfortable with each other and they get tossed yet *another* set of memories where they're shown that no matter what the universe, Spock and Kirk belong together. Slash or at least as slashy as the book. :)

  43. Killing Time
    Praetor Thea
    So the redoubtable Praetor Thea's brilliant time travel/Universe switching plan goes south. But presumably since she's from Timeline One, she remains unchanged at the end of the book. So she's still a hugely ambitious Secretly Female Romulan Praetor with an itch to change the Empire. Plus, she's still got Sarela as her partner in crime. Does this or does this not look like plot waiting to happen? What on Earth - or, rather, in the Empire, do they get up to?

  44. The Kobayashi Maru
    Exile - How was Scotty's command school experience different in the new timeline? Did he still have his "Fairy Godmother" to rescue him from Command School?

  45. The Kobayashi Maru
    Take any of the exercises or tests in this book, and show how any other character (canon, book, or reboot) handled it.
    Original or Reboot

  46. The Lost Era series
    In the LE novels, Uhura ends up as head of Starfleet intelligence after many years in covert operations. I'd like to see reboot Uhura beginning her intelligence career aboard the Enterprise, because I'm guessing that listening in to the galaxy's conversations is a good way to get started. I did not make Spock/Uhura part of the prompt, but if you wanted to include that pairing, it would be awesome.

  47. The Lost Era series
    Admiral Uhura
    In the Lost Era books & Vulcan's Soul books following them, Uhura has become head of Starfleet Intelligence after a long covert career. Write a story about that, in which Uhura is awesome and sexy and in charge. Bonus points for Admiral Uhura/Ambassador Spock UST or RST.

  48. The Lost Era series
    Starfleet Intelligence - So, according to the Lost Era series, Uhura starts quietly working for Starfleet Intelligence. Which sort of makes sense, given her vast array of languages and her skills with codebreaking even in TOS. Eventually, she ends up in charge. Basically, she's M! (whee!) Fic about her adventures at some point during this period?

  49. The Lost Era series
    Starfleet Intelligence - In Lost Era in the original timeline, Uhura ends up first an agent of, then in charge of, Starfleet Intelligence. Most of her career as an agent was entirely secret and, meanwhile, she was still serving on a starship. Reboot Uhura has exactly the same skillset, *and* the Federation is pretty unsettled in this timeline, so it really isn't unlikely that she'd get recruited this time around too. Though possibly way earlier in her lifespan. So there's nothing to stop a Reboot Double-Oh-Uhura from secretly doing intelligence work while still serving in Communications on the Enterprise. Super-cool Uhura Spy Adventures! The fic.

  50. My Enemy, My Ally
    Romulan history must go very differently in the Reboot-verse. Tell me how Ael fits into it.

  51. My Enemy, My Ally
    Space cadet - I'd love to hear a story from Cadet Naraht's first months at the academy. The culture shock must have been impressive-- on both sides!-- and yet when we meet him as an Ensign, he's so completely in his element (so to speak).

  52. My Enemy, My Ally
    Ael t'Rllaillieu
    Flashback - Specifically, I would love to see a flashback showing the relationship between Ael and her unnamed sister (presumably if she had a sister-daughter, then there was a sister?). If you want to embed it in the wider narrative of what's going on in the novel, that's completely fine by me.

  53. My Enemy, My Ally
    Getting to know you - Missing scenes from My Enemy My Ally, or any of the later books, with the Bloodwing's crew and the Enterprise's crew bumping up against each other and trying to figure each other out. Perspectives we don't get in the books a plus! Could be those named in the books with a bit of character, or crewmen just there to fill in the background.

  54. The Pandora Principle
    I'd be interested to see how Spock's rescue of young Saavik changes when Uhura is in the picture, and how Uhura might have been helpful during Saavik's rescue. (I'm also interested to know how differently the original Hellguard rescue might have gone, given the very different situation of Vulcans in the Reboot.)

  55. The Pandora Principle
    Saavik & Spock
    Spock beginning to educate Saavik in the ways of things Vulcan on the voyage home, just after she's been rescued. If you want to take it beyond that, that's awesome too; and bonus points for linguistics-y stuff on the Vulcan and Romulan languages.

  56. The Pandora Principle
    Life on Hellguard in the new reality

  57. The Pandora Principle
    Spock Prime & Saavik
    Spock!Prime goes to rescue everyone a decade or so early. They rescue adults as well as children, and maybe capture some pregnant Romulan women to take back and hold until they give birth to their mixed-race children.

  58. The Pandora Principle, My Enemy, My Ally, The Romulan Way
    Ael & Arrhae
    What's happening with Romulan genetic experimentation in the new timeline?

  59. Pawns and Symbols
    Anything, really. Missing scene, future reunion, it's all good! It would be interesting to see what Tirax would do to Jean if he really had her at his mercy, or how things develop after where the book leaves off, if there's a way for them to work things out between them, one way or the other. (There's so much hatred and anger and unresolved sexual tension between them, and every time I reread the book and get to their confrontation on Tahrn where he follows her, twists her wrist onto her back and "roughly pulls her against him", telling her he could do anything he wanted with her, I want to read the pairing a little more than I already do.)

  60. The Price of the Phoenix
    James's life in the Romulan Star Empire.

  61. Prime Directive
    Sulu and Chekov
    The Extended Adventures of Sulu and Chekov: Space Pirates.

  62. Prime Directive
    Flower children - Spock's Extended Adventures Among The Hippies (I mean, "student radicals".) I would especially love if there is also mention of Professor Grayson from "Strangers from the Sky". (Spock seems to have some sort of affinity for flower children....)

  63. Prime Directive
    Talin ambassadors
    Their perspective on events - Something from the Talin Amabassadors' perspectives. How did they meet, how did they come up with their desperate plan, what was their reaction to meeting Spock, how did they feel in that moment when they first stepped out and saw the full Federation Council and all its different species of humanity? And what happened to them next?

  64. Prime Directive
    McCoy & Uhura
    Creating Dread Pirate Black Ire.

  65. The Procrustean Petard (The New Voyages 2)
    Kirk/McCoy or Spock/Uhura
    How does the story go down with the reboot versions of the characters? How does Spock (with his extra Y chromosome) deal with the suddenly male Uhura? Do Kirk and McCoy indulge in a little f/f experimentation?

  66. The Procrustean Petard (The New Voyages 2)
    Tell the story of some of the people who chose not to go back.

  67. The Procrustean Petard (The New Voyages 2) ([profile] cofax)
    Tell the story in which the genderswitching process cannot be reversed, and Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, Sulu & Chapel all (or any subset of them) have to deal with living that way for the rest of their lives. How do they deal?

  68. The Procrustean Petard (The New Voyages 2)
    I think it would be awesome to see female-bodied Kirk - who really is Just That Hot - not able change back, and instead prove that Kirk's newfound superhotness isn't actually that much of a handicap. And enjoy the hell out of it. Bonus points for other males and former biological males being astonished at Kirk pulling it off. Gen, het, femslash, getting it on with other former biological males (Is that slash, het or f/f? Or some combination of them all?) I do not care.

  69. The Rihannsu series ([personal profile] biichan)
    Spock Prime & Ael
    After the destruction of Vulcan, some Romulans believe that mnhei'sahe (honor, sort of) compels them to send aid and people to help the remaining Vulcans rebuild their planet. Ael t'Rllallieu is the leader of this delegation. Naturally, not all of the Vulcans want help from the Romulans, but Ael finds she has an unexpected ally in Spock Prime.

  70. The Rihannsu series
    At the end of the Empty Chair, two of the most powerful people in the Romulan Empire are Terrans, in disguise and gone native. Write a story about how that works out (or doesn't!), politically and personally, over the long term, especially once things like marriage, children, and growing old become relevant.

  71. The Rihannsu series ([personal profile] acroamatica)
    Arrhae & H'Daen
    A quiet moment - Just a nice little peaceful moment between them, either before or after Arrhae becomes a senator.

  72. The Romulan Way
    The destruction of Vulcan has made it even more necessary for the Federation to have spies on Romulus/ch'Rihan.

  73. The Romulan Way
    Maybe he's got a thing for Vulcanoids. Maybe she's realized he's about the only person she can sleep with.

  74. Sarek
    Valdyr/Peter Kirk
    The Wacky Adventures of Diplomats in Love - So in my mind, Peter and Valdyr got married and lived happily ever after. And my fic idea here is that we see the wedding, and that the wedding itself didn't go off exactly as Emily Post would want. Like maybe there's some diplomatic intrigue that only the combined skills of the happy couple could solve and they have to do it while picking out china patterns and ceremonial weaponry for the wedding. Or maybe there's family "issues". But yeah, show me the wedding. (Truthfully I would read ANYTHING at all featuring these two and love it to pieces).
    Original or Reboot

  75. Sarek
    Valdyr & James Kirk
    Family history - I totally think it worked out for Peter and Valdyr, those two crazy kids! I'd love to see Valdyr being curious about the family she's marrying into, and going to Jim for the whole story on Peter's parents & what happened to them.

  76. Shadows of the Sun
    McCoy/Jocelyn Treadway, McCoy/Kirk
    So I think that, in the reboot, McCoy's trip to Ssan still happened, just a couple years later than it did in the original timeline. I want to see how McCoy, now involved with Kirk in the reboot, deals with seeing his ex-wife again, married to her other high school sweetheart. Special admiration for including stuff about how McCoy dealt with the questioning of his Hippocratic oath (versus the Ssani right to die) in the face of his father's euthanasia.

  77. Spock, Messiah!
    As bad as this book is, the central idea of the Doppelgangers is intriguing. I'd like a reboot version of this story (minus the insane levels of sexism and racism) that has both Spock and Uhura using Doppelgangers on an away-team assignment and having the personalities enjoying their OWN version of a relationship, with potential new twists and turns and kinks along the way.

  78. Spock's World
    Some of the Vulcan survivors blame the Federation for the destruction of their world. The Enterprise crew is expected to speak at the series of hearings that will determine whether or not the new Vulcan colony planet will remain in the Federation or not.

  79. Spock's World ([personal profile] katharos)
    Amanda & T'Pau
    A story about Amanda as head of Surak's House: learning how to deal with T'Pau's Katra; handling Vulcan politics & the mess T'Pau left her; what it means to be the woman who *is* all of Vulcan, but not be Vulcan; how her relationship with Sarek changes.... (Bonus points for McCoy continuing to be more competent than anyone else on the planet.)

  80. Spock's World ([personal profile] nestra, [personal profile] elspethdixon)
    Kesh, Phelsh't
    Ghost stories.

  81. Spock's World
    More of the two of them being adorable together. Either old school or reboot.
    Original or Reboot

  82. Spock's World ([personal profile] teaphile)
    Bones learned Vulcan for Spock, and then blew away the entire world with his awesome. And the book ends with the two of them heading off to bed together (no, really, it does). So. How did that happen?

  83. Spock's World
    Write another of the Vulcan historical chapters, before any of the characters from the show were born.

  84. Spock's World/The Romulan Way ([personal profile] ellen_fremedon)
    Sundering - Anything with the two of them together would make me deliriously happy, but I'm especially interested in the periods just before, and just after, S'task's ordeal among the Etoshans. Were the seeds of their estrangement already there? What makes S'task reject his mentor's teaching in the crisis, and meet violence with violence? And what keeps them from reconciling, afterward?

  85. Star Trek: Academy: Collision Course ([personal profile] garryowen)
    Kirk & Spock
    Kirk has one more thing to do before he can totally let go of his Tarsus IV issues, and that's to tell Spock about it somehow. (Or maybe Spock finds Kirk just too puzzling and contradictory, and figures it out himself somehow?) Whatever, I just want teenage rebels Kirk and Spock talking about Tarsus IV. Can be gen or slashy or outright K/S, I'd be thrilled with anything. [Note: IMO, this book totally makes NO SENSE in terms of actually being a plausible version of how canon!Kirk and Spock actually met-- seriously, it's more like an alternate Reboot!verse, in a lot of ways. But OH MY GOD, I've been wanting Tarsus IV angst FOREVER and if you have too, you should totally read this. And then write me fic from it. And don't be scared that it's by Shatner! I liked it.]

  86. Strangers From the Sky
    I've always thought this novel was considerably over-framed (a book inside a memory, numerous weird devices, etc.) I'd like to see the reboot group get there in a more streamlined way, for our main characters (most particularly Uhura) to play bigger roles in the proceedings and the ways in which Spock and Uhura's relationship might considerably complicate things for Melody Sawyer, T'Lera, et al.

  87. Strangers From the Sky
    Sorahl & Yoshi
    Yoshi came to live on Vulcan, eventually. I'd like to see him meet Sorahl again.

  88. Strangers From the Sky
    Sorahl & T'Lera
    Back on Vulcan and seeing things through new eyes.

  89. Swordhunt
    Captain's quarters - Bonus points if shelves are involved ;)

  90. Uhura's Song
    Narrow escapes - After her stint as "Evan Wilson", did Tail-kinker ever meet up with any of the Enterprise crew again? Did she ever get thisclose to getting caught? Was she in it for the thrill of the Long Con, or were her motivations more altruistic? Or was she an Outrageous Okana type, living on the fringes of the Federation because she preferred chaos (or at least Chaotic Neutral) to order and rules and regs?

  91. Uhura's Song
    Another StarFreedom-to-Ennien
    Another StarFreedom lands on Eeiauo along with four young, impressionable baby Sivaoans. All of them are ripe for a little culture shock - and ready to shock a few people themselves. What happens, and can we please throw Micky Mickiewicz in there if it's not too much trouble? :D

  92. Uhura's Song ([personal profile] nestra)
    A story of Cloudshape, the trickster of Sivao.

  93. Uhura's Song ([personal profile] ljc)
    Vulcan stories -- A story of T'Kay, the trickster of Vulcan. (Finish this story: "Jim Kirk thought immediately of the one bright afternoon he had found Evan Wilson and a double handful of children, Eeiauoan and Sivaoan, all sitting on the hospital steps, all listening with rapt attention as Spock told them the adventures of T'Kay, the Vulcan trickster. The memory brought a smile. "As in telling stories to the children? I didn't know he had it in him.")

  94. Uhura's Song
    Stiff Tail
    Possibly the most underrated -- or unexplored -- character in the book, and the one whose story we know least about. What happened to make Stiff Tail so very reluctant to help Kirk and the Enterprise crew? And how might she finally move past whatever that old burden is after contact with the Eeiauoans is reopened?

  95. Uhura's Song
    Brightspot, Another StarFreedom, Tail-Kinker
    Ennien is where they go to celebrate Festival. Maybe Sunfall of Ennien joins them one year.

  96. Uhura's Song
    Even before Reboot put the idea of Spock/Uhura in my head, I thought the scene in this book where Uhura tries to act less emotional, out of concern for Spock's feelings, and he tells her that she doesn't have to, was completely adorable. I'd love to see post-book (or maybe a missing scene during the book?) Spock/Uhura, where a connection between them is sparked by things they learned or realized about each other while on this mission.

  97. Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited (The New Voyages)
    Any or all
    zomgwtfbbq - Just what it says on the tin. How would Pine and Quinto and OMG KARL URBAN OMG react if they got beamed onto Enterprise?

  98. The Vulcan Academy Murders
    Corrigan, Sorel
    Corrigan and Sorrel, first teaming up and getting to know one another. Bonus points for wee!T'Mir with a crush, and Sorel and T'Zan trying to marry Corrgigan off.

  99. The Vulcan Academy Murders ([personal profile] starlady)
    T'Mir's adventures on that cargo ship on Earth. Or any of her adventures on Earth, really.

  100. Vulcan's Glory ([personal profile] ljc)
    Pike/Number One
    The Dinner - Basically, "what happened next?" after Chris rather adorably clumsily ordered Number One to have dinner with him in his quarters? And how did Cait Barry and Phil Boyce react to the news? Was it awkward and disasterous, or sweetly romantic? What did Number One think, when she found out about Janeese? Is she worried she's the rebound girl? Is Chris concerned he'll torpedo his working relationship with his XO if he crosses that line? How do they communicate (or not communicate, as the case may be)? Anything you can think of, I AM ONBOARD.

  101. Vulcan's Glory ([personal profile] slwatson)
    Cait Barry & Montgomery Scott
    Expectations - I'd love to know more about how Scotty and Cait Barry work together. particularly as he eventually takes over her position by the time we get to Kirk's Enterprise a decade later. What's their working relationship like? How do they differ in their outlooks? Since Cait doesn't live and breathe engines and systems and the science of engineering the same way Scotty does, do they ever clash over this? How does he learn about managing people as well as engines, from her example?

  102. Vulcan's Glory
    Number One/Caitlin Barry
    Need I say more?

  103. Vulcan's Glory
    Caitlin Barry/Number One
    That whole scene where they're pitted against each other in the null-g and Number One is talking about how beautiful Cait is? Yes MA'AM. It can be reboot or TOS, either way, more of them please!
    Original or Reboot

  104. The Wounded Sky ([personal profile] speccygeekgrrl)
    A love triangle in which no one gets eaten.

  105. The Wounded Sky
    Harb Tanzer
    MADE OF AWESOME - I would love to see Harb save the day. Or save the ship. Or possibly save the entire fucking Federation. Basically, I'd just like to see Harb being completely and utterly awesome.

  106. The Wounded Sky
    At the end of The Wounded Sky, K't'lk and the crew of the Enterprise created a new universe with themselves as the founding mythology. Write me a story in which any characters (canon, book, or reboot) end up in that universe and have an adventure.
    Original or Reboot

  107. The Wounded Sky ([personal profile] mithen)
    Any combination of Kirk/Spock/McCoy
    In the anentropic universe, everyone's true qualities blazed through. Some things become undeniable when the deepest parts of your heart come to the surface, but it's not so easy to be understood once they return to the normal universe.

  108. The Wounded Sky
    K't'lk & Scotty
    The first conversation between baby!K't'lk and the grieving Scotty. (reboot or not, the thought of tiny glass spider sitting on Keenser's head is pretty lolworthy)
    Original or Reboot

  109. The Wounded Sky
    Breaking up the universe together - Scotty and K't'lk meeting in the rebooted universe. Bet together they could really put one small disappearing Prize Beagle into perspective…

  110. The Wounded Sky ([personal profile] speccygeekgrrl)
    Scotty, K't'lk, and Keenser
    Scotty loves in unusual ways.

  111. The Yesterday Saga
    Uneasy alliances.

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