And we're off! We ended up with 111 prompts, which makes me go WOW and also Eeeeeee.

To claim a prompt or prompts, leave a comment specifying the number of the prompt you're claiming.

Prompts are listed by book title or short story title or series title, depending. I encourage you to look at the whole list, since some authors have slightly complicated universes (Diane Duane, I am looking at you). The last line of the prompt specified the universe. "Original" means the original canon; "Reboot" means the new movie canon; "Original or Reboot" means you can write in either canon.

Reminders: A prompt can be claimed by multiple people, but we think it would be nice if authors made an effort to choose a prompt that hasn’t been claimed by several people. We also encourage authors to limit themselves to two prompts. There is no minimum or maximum word count. Posting runs from August 10-24.

Please let us know if I've missed anything or made any mistakes, or if you have any questions.

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