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Prompt claiming is open!

To claim a prompt or prompts, leave a comment specifying the number of the prompt you're claiming. Prompts are listed by book title.

You can also feel free to use unclaimed prompts from the last round. The list of the last round's prompts are here.

Prompt claiming runs through September 29. Please let me know if I've missed anything or made any mistakes, or if you have any questions.

  1. Best Destiny
    Kirk and Reboot Kirk
    Due to a space-time anomaly, two teenage Kirks meet. They get along like a house on fire. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is up for debate...

  2. The Captain's Daughter
    James Kirk/Janice Rand or Other/Janice Rand
    In the novel, Janice Rand tells Captain Sulu that she left Starfleet for a period of time to raise a daughter, Annie. The child's father was a "Starfleet officer on the fast track to greatness" who never knew about the child. I would like to see their love affair/motivations/etc. Not really interested in the pregnancy/child because that part makes me sad! Just want to the story of her and the officer. In Into Darkness, I think (?) Rand is mentioned by Carol, maybe implying it was Kirk? Anyway if it's a female character or genderswitch that is great too.

  3. Countdown to Darkness
    What's her story? How did she get to be a "businesswoman" selling stolen Federation goods to the likes of people like April?

  4. Death Count
    Sulu and Chekov and Uhura
    So what do they get up to on their next shore leave?

  5. Dreadnought! ([profile] sharpestasp)
    He's Spock and she's the female version of James T. Kirk. They are MFEO.

  6. Dreadnought/Battlestations
    Piper, Sarda, Merete, Scanner
    A proper adventure all on their own! Their first mission on board their new ship!

  7. Dreadnought!/Battlestations!
    Merete AndrusTaurus
    Merete's got more to her than meets the eye. I'd love to see her overcoming her demons--working with an Orion? (Maybe Gaila!) Talking up martial arts? Maybe some backstory looking into her becoming a doctor? A closer look at her thoughts when she realizes she's killed a man?

  8. Dreadnought/Battlestations
    The future adventures of Piper and co.

  9. Dreadnought/Battlestations
    Piper and Sarda
    The friendship of a lifetime.

  10. Dreadnought/Battlestations
    Scanner and Scotty
    Comparing engines.

  11. Dreadnought/Battlestations
    Sarda and Spock
    Vulcan culture and Vulcan expectations

  12. Dwellers in the Crucible
    Learning to live again.

  13. Dwellers in the Crucible
    Cleante and T'Shael
    This time they didn't meet as Warrantors or hostages - just as women. But they're still going to find their way to t'hy'la.

  14. Enterprise: The First Adventure
    We've seen the trying-to-adjust-to-each-other period in Reboot, but I'd love to see more of it with the TOS versions- Especially Kirk and Spock learning to trust and rely on McCoy, and McCoy starting to understand and like (if not agree with) Spock.

  15. Final Frontier
    I'd love a George/Drake story that doesn't wipe aside Winona Kirk, but acknowledges that sometimes relationships are broken beyond fixing. Bonus points for Drake being awesome, both funny and irritatingly perceptive.

  16. The Final Reflection
    Finding peace with the past.

  17. How Much for Just the Planet?
    Charlotte Caliente Sanchez and Arizhel
    They can actually get work done while the men are off playing (er, fighting).

  18. How Much for Just the Planet?
    Uhura and Aperokei
    Uhura and Aperokei's correspondence over the years.

  19. How Much for Just the Planet?
    Writing the reports afterward

  20. How Much for Just the Planet?
    The Director's Cut of the whole thing (they made it into a miniseries, actually) is one of Direidi's prime entertainments. How long can a thing like that really be kept under wraps?

  21. The IDIC Epidemic
    New identity. I'd love to see something about T'Pina figuring out what to do with her new identity as an adopted Romulan. Does she ignore it and continue being the Vulcan she always was? Does she use it as a crutch? Does she own it? What? T'Pina/Beau Deaver more than welcome!

  22. The IDIC Epidemic
    T'Pina/Beau Deaver
    Still struggling with the revelation about her heritage, T'Pina also has to handle her developing feelings for Beau (who is a total hotass).

  23. The IDIC Epidemic
    I'd love to see a little more about Seela. What's her story? When did she fall in love with Korsal? How does she deal with her sudden freedom--does it take her a while to figure out what to do with herself?

  24. The IDIC Epidemic
    T'Pina and Saavik
    Coming to terms with Romulan heritage.

  25. The IDIC Epidemic
    Korsal and Kevin and Karl and Seela
    Building family together.

  26. Ishmael
    Spock introducing his friends from the Enterprise to his friends from Seattle.

  27. Ishmael
    Spock and Aaron and Biddy
    We meet again.

  28. Ishmael
    Aaron and Biddy
    Fighting the Karsids together after Spock is gone.

  29. Ishmael
    Enterprise never comes for Spock, and he takes Aaron's role in history.

  30. Pawns and Symbols
    Finding what the future can be.

  31. Probe
    Jandra and Dajan
    How about the Romulan twins working together on something? Maybe as kids, learning about their future vocations? Maybe in their new lives in the Federation?

  32. Spock's World
    Spock or Spock&McCoy
    Spock or Spock&McCoy meet an Underlier.

  33. Spock's World
    The idea of 'the Other', that Vulcans have a literal awareness of god - anything character driven that explores this. What is Spock's awareness of the Other? Has he ever discussed it with his shipmates? (please no moralism/references to Earth religion)

  34. Spock's World
    Over the years, she gradually has to admit, if only to herself, that she likes Amanda, and finds her worthy of respect. And later, worthy of T'Pau's katra and self.

  35. Uhura's Song
    Tail-Kinker to-Ennien
    There is so much story here, I can't even ask for it all. So, something more modest: Show me another of Dr. Wilson/Tail-Kinker's many hobbies. What is it? Why does she do it? Does it ever come in handy? Does it too 'extend her reach'?

  36. Uhura's Song
    Brightspot, Another StarFreedom, Tail-Kinker
    Ennien is where they go to celebrate Festival. Maybe Sunfall of Ennien joins them one year.

  37. Uhura's Song
    Spock, Tail-Kinker
    After the end of the novel, Spock tracks down Tail-Kinker.

  38. Uhura's Song
    Uhura and Spock
    How it happens when Enterprise came to Ennien in the Rebootverse.

  39. Uhura's Song
    Her first time on Eeiauo.

  40. The Vulcan Academy Murders
    A le'matya
    This book had some great desert scenes, with Vulcan's flora and fauna. Tell me about the species that managed to escape the planet's destruction and are being introduced on New Vulcan - bonus for tiny poisonous le'matya kittens.

  41. The Vulcan Academy Murders
    Daniel Corrigan, Sorel, T'Zan
    Getting to know you.

  42. The Vulcan Academy Murders
    Daniel Corrigan and T'Mir
    Being in love from afar is different than being married.

  43. The Wounded Sky
    Her perspective on Federation history. (How long do her people live, anyway?)

  44. Yesterday's Son/Time for Yesterday
    Friendships cherished.

  45. Yesterday's Son/Time for Yesterday
    Whatever remains, no matter how improbable. Note for this one, interaction between Reboot!Zar and Spock Prime would be awesome.

  46. Yesterday's Son/Time for Yesterday
    Spock telling his wife about Zar.

  47. Yesterday's Son/Time for Yesterday
    Building a peaceful future.

  48. Yesterday's Son ([profile] sharpestasp)
    Spock and Zar
    Zar didn't go back through time at the end, but stayed with Spock on the Enterprise. Bonus points for comparing and contrasting Spock's relationship with his son with his raising Saavik.

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I am not a writer, and will not claim any...but dang this makes me want to re-read them all, since it's probably been 20 years for most of them!
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Number 5.
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If multiple claims are fine, Number 48
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I'm torn between 25 and 40 (both art). Any chance claims could stay open during the writing/drawing period? It's really hard to judge what I'll have time for atm.
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46 from this post
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Claiming 11!