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The details! Included under the cut-tag below are the schedule; the guidelines for prompt submission, claiming, writing, and posting; and a few FAQs. If you have additional questions or something isn't clear, please ask! (I am excited! You can tell by the exclamation points.)


Prompt submission: June 15 - June 21
Prompt claiming: June 22 - 28
Writing period: June 29 - August 9
Posting period: August 10 - August 24

After August 24, all prompts will be open to anyone who wants to run with them. We’ll put up a post where you can leave a link to your story.

Prompt submission:

On June 15 we’ll put up an entry where you can suggest prompts. Prompts should be in the following format: Book title, character or pairing, prompt.

If you would like your prompt set in the reboot universe, please specify that in the prompt like so: Book title, character or pairing, prompt (reboot).


Final Frontier, George Kirk and T’Cael, After the first voyage of the Enterprise, George helps T’Cael adjust to Earth society.

Uhura’s Song, Nyota Uhura and Sunfall of Ennien, With the changed history, how does Uhura become acquainted with Sunfall? (reboot)

The Wounded Sky, any characters, The crewmembers of the Enterprise cope with the fallout of the group mindmeld.

The Entropy Effect/My Enemy My Ally, Hunter and Ael, Two forceful female captains meet and have to work together.

The IDIC Epidemic, Beau Deaver/T’Pina, T’Pina struggles to balance learning the truth about her heritage and her new relationship with Beau.

Claiming prompts:

The mods will post a list of prompts, grouped by book. You will post a comment, claiming the prompts you want to write.

  • A prompt can be claimed by multiple people, but we think it would be nice if authors made an effort to choose a prompt that hasn’t been claimed by several people.
  • An author can claim more than one prompt, but we encourage you to limit yourself to two prompts.


You have six weeks to write your story. There is no minimum or maximum word count. Just remember that someone submitted the prompt because it’s a story they wanted to see, and try to adhere to the spirit of the prompt. Please also keep in mind whether the prompt is for the reboot universe or the original universe. If you’d like to write a story in the other universe, please wait until the fest is over and the prompts are thrown open to everyone.


You may post the story to the community or post a link to the story hosted on your journal or website. If your story is long enough to require multiple entries, please post a link in the community instead of posting multiple entries to the community.


I have forgotten some character names or details. Where can I look up that information if I don’t have access to my books?

Try Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki.

How do I post to Dreamwidth if I don’t have an account?

You can use OpenID. If you have a Livejournal account, you have an OpenID. Here is Dreamwidth’s guide to setting up an OpenID.

If you’re new to Dreamwidth, the FAQ is very useful.

Do I need to join the community to post?

No. The community is set up to allow non-members to post. Anonymous comments will be screened in order to restrict spam.

Can I submit prompts without promising to write? Can I claim a prompt even if I didn't submit?

Absolutely! Feel free to submit prompts or claim prompts as the spirit moves you.

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From: [personal profile] sineala

I am very excited! And I have a couple of questions!

(1) As OpenID users cannot post entries, it may be difficult for them to post their stories. Actually, that was mostly a statement.

(2) Suppose that someone, hypothetically, claims a prompt but sadly does not finish a story in time. How severely would she be punished? Would there be beatings and bannination? :P

(3) Is the Fest restricted to TOS characters and/or TOS novels? Could I, for example, request a story set on Lorca, from the TNG novel Masks? Would it be better if I requested a story in which TOS (or AOS) characters go to Lorca? It seems like everyone's all about the TOS novels, and I am as well, but there were a few TNG novels I really liked...
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From: [personal profile] ellen_fremedon

All series are OK! Your mods are just a bit fixated on TOS, and we couldn't think of any non-TOS sample prompts :-).
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From: [personal profile] matt_doyle

Just doublechecking, based on the examples listed: this is only for TOS novels?
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From: [personal profile] ellen_fremedon

Nope, all series are fine! Just because your mods couldn't think of any non-TOS prompts, it doesn't mean you shouldn't :-).
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From: [personal profile] melannen

For the record, if there's anyone without a DW account who wants one to post with, I'll offer my invite codes.
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From: [personal profile] cygnet

I'll second in your stead - I have several.
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From: [personal profile] helens78

Also willing to offer! Let me know if they're needed. :)
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From: [personal profile] ljc

Before I get completely carried away, is there a limit to number of prompts one can submit?
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From: [personal profile] ljc

Well, I have two of Vulcan's Glory, tho one is more general and also applies to The Rift. Also, I made the Inevitable Quasi-Canonical RPF One cos, hey... SOMEONE HAD TO.

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From: [personal profile] raven

Quick question: is it okay to submit prompts if you're not sure yet if you can actually claim any? Because, omg, so much I would want to see, but no time to write...
(deleted comment)
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Question: How do we feel about crossovers? I,um. Want some K's't'lk/Jack Harkness.

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From: [personal profile] stellar_dust

Ok .. you're probably right, actually. I'm glad I asked. Thanks!
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From: [personal profile] ljc

Psst! You may also want to link to Memory Beta the tie-in wiki (particularly as it provides details from not just the novels but every licensed work).