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Just a reminder, the posting period begins soon!

You can start posting on Monday, August 10th, and posting runs through the 24th. This does not mean that we will stand over you with a stick and make you stop writing at 11:59PM on the 9th. Feel free to post at any time from the 10th-24th.

After that, we will still welcome stories. The prompts list will be thrown open to everyone, and hopefully we will get even more stories!


On another note, what do people think about tagging? I'm inclined to suggest that authors tag their stories with the name of the novel or novels they're writing about. Suggestions?
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I think novel name tags are a good idea.
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I'm not a ficwriter, but as a reader I would find the ability to look through novel-tags super-convenient.
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I have a sort of a quick question.

Due to the nature of my prompt, I intend to fill the prompt a number of times in a group of loosely linked things. (I'm writing Dilithium and You type bits on various subjects.) My question is: Can I post multiple takes on the same prompt, or must I group them all together into one post?
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Hi! I know you're busy and this is easy to forget, but you said you were going to ask ellen_fremedon my question when she returned from Worldcon.

My question was: Can I post multiple takes on the same prompt separately, or must I group them all together into one post?
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Is 1,000 words story length? In that case, I'm good to go.
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Er... That was a was a question. *Is* 1,000 words each long enough to qualify as story length for you?
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Novel tags seem like the right tagging system to me. I think an author tag might come in handy some day (in the "I remember when so-and-so wrote a Trek novel fic" way) as well.
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I put my story up at my personal journal today, but since no one else has posted a story here yet, I am not sure how to proceed re: tags. Should I wait for a post with instructions? I don't want to tag with the title of the novel and then have someone else tag in a different format. I've never used tags in a comm post before...