So it dawned on me that I need to get this going soon if I don't want to be smack on top of Yuletide.

On the other hand, people may want to wait and see how Yuletide nominations shake out, because some of the Trek books that feature original characters are probably eligible.

Last round we had a week for submitting prompts, a week for claiming, and roughly six weeks for writing. Sticking to that schedule would mean that we'd be looking at posting in early November. Or we could make it slightly less official this time -- just gather prompts and run wild.

I am also looking at AO3's prompt meme hosting -- any opinions? I personally adore having things on AO3 so I can load them on my Kindle, and hosting it there would put some automation in the process. On the other hand, this group is not so big that administering it is an onerous task.

Regardless, maybe we look at submitting prompts starting Monday, September 16?
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